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ACF boasts a simple to use and powerful API. Checkout the available functions to power your website. Basic; get_field Returns the value of a specific field. get_field_object. ACF Theme Code Pro can help you work smarter by saving you time and effort. Supercharge your website with Premium Features. ACF PRO includes extra fields & features to better develop websites including PHP Blocks, Repeatable Fields, Page Building tools, Media Galleries and Custom Options Pages. I want to expose the data from a custom post type movies, which uses ACF fields Movies, and display the data in a ReactJS App. I got it working but I did so using a plugin called ACF to REST API which I later found out not to have been updated for the past couple of years. I opened a ticket and asked the ACF team for an alternative solution. Download & Install ACF to REST API for your WordPress website. This Plugin is tagged as “acf,api,rest,wp-api,wp-rest-api” and the Web development team is Aires Gonçalves. You can find this item or similar, from most popular websites like,. Home » ACF to REST API pro. A directory of third-party extensions, snippets, guides, tutorials & resources for the awesome Advanced Custom Fields ACF WordPress plugin.

Set ACF FreeACF PRO Google Maps API key in WordPress plugin Bedrock based WordPress installation - example.php. Set ACF FreeACF PRO Google Maps API key in WordPress plugin Bedrock based WordPress installation - example.php. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. 20/07/2016 · ACF PRO Installer. A composer plugin that makes installing ACF PRO with composer easier. It reads your 🔑 ACF PRO key from the environment or a.env file. Usage. 1. Add the package repository to the repositories field in composer.json based on this gist.

I have a Wordpress project with Advanced Custom Fields Pro 5.3.5 plugin, where for one of my post types I set an address field using the Google Map field type. When I go to the admin page to add/edit a post this Google Maps field shows the map but in "For development purposes only" mode. It's probably missing an API key. 03/05/2018 · In this video I will walk you through how to integrate a google map in a WordPress website and customize it with Advanced Custom Fields. This tutorial is great if you are wanting to customize the look and feel of your google map. It walks you through how to add custom colors, a zoom in/out, etc. For all links and information visit. For ACF Pro function my_acf_initacf_update_setting'google_api_key', 'xxx';add_action'acf/init', 'my_acf_init'; That’s the back-end done, and Google Maps should now display correctly on your admin screens. Now for the front-end. Fixing the front-end. The next step is to fix the maps being output in the front end. This is a bit more.

I am using the following plugins to get JSON data from WordPress REST API: Advanced Custom Fields PRO WP REST API ACF to REST API. I have a created custom post type called "Custom Navigation". I have a custom field group through ACF called "Custom Navigation Item" that is only applied when the post type is Custom Navigation.

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