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Azure AD B2C: Frequently asked questions FAQ This page answers frequently asked questions about the Azure Active Directory B2C Azure AD B2C. Keep checking back for updates. Why can't I access the Azure AD B2C extension in the Azure portal? There are two common reasons for why the Azure AD extension is not working for you. Azure AD B2C does support a reasonable degree of flexibility around the branding. Essentially you can replace all the HTML around the core components and use your own CSS to style those. But again this is inconsistent in how it is handled and, again, feels rushed and unfinished. Does Microsoft Azure AD B2C support multi tenant application? For example, I created an Azure B2C service call Tenant A, link the service to my subscription account. Then I create the user TenantAAdmin as an admin global administrator for this tenant. This admin user be able to assign or create other user in the Azure AD B2C.

Azure B2C: FAQ There is a lot of confusion around Azure Active Directory AD B2C as to where it sits so I thought I would do a FAQ around the questions I've been asked. I will update this as new questions come in or feel free ask away in the comments. Overview here. 23/06/2017 · Using Azure AD B2C with “regular” Azure AD enabled some new and useful scenarios. Let’s take logins further along the same track while we are at it. To not repeat myself I will assume you have at least skimmed through the previous article:. Using ADFS as an Identity Provider for Azure AD B2C. so the two folders active-directory-b2c-javascript-nodejs-webapi and active-directory-b2c-javascript-msal-singlepageapp are located side by side. Second, follow the instructions at register a Web API with Azure AD B2C to register the Node.js Web API sample with your tenant.

12/04/2018 · This week, James is joined yet again by friend of the show Sr Cloud Developer Advocate Matt Soucoup, who shows us how to take the pain out of adding user accounts to your apps with Azure AD B2C. He tells us what that acronym stands for, walks us through the Azure portal to setup an Azure AD B2C tenant, and then demonstrates the. 14/02/2018 · However, regarding Azure AD B2C, I see the following comments: “ As Neil mentioned, apparently this is not yet supported if the AD is B2C. Is that also on the roadmap? It is difficult to understand why this important feature should not be available for b2c, also. My vote is dedicated to nested groups also in b2c.”.

13/08/2016 · I have been trying to work out how to create Azure Active Directory B2C but most of the available examples and guides and articles were made on the old classic portal. i don't know how to move from this point. On the new portal; if i click on "AZURE AD B2C", i get the following message This is. · Hello, Thanks for posting the. Grazie ad un semplice sistema di etichettatura, il bagaglio è gestito durante l'imbarco e lo sbarco dagli addetti Costa in modo da non doverti muovere all'interno della nave con le valigie. Una volta consegnato il bagaglio all'imbarco, non devi preoccuparti di nulla: un addetto di Costa lo recapiterà nella tua cabina senza alcuna spesa. 13/01/2020 · Run Azure AD B2C's sign-up & sign-in pages under a custom domain, for e.g.,. the first iteration of the customer-owned domains functionality will not be available for a few more months. The only information I received as a result of my ticket was a link to the FAQ.

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