Fortran 90 Elemental Function //
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4.4 Array-valued Functions Fortran 90 functions can return array-valued results. A number of intrinsic functions always return array values and most intrinsic functions can return array values. In addition, user-written functions may be array valued. Array-valued functions. 9.195 MERGE — Merge variables Description: Select values from two arrays according to a logical mask. The result is equal to TSOURCE if MASK is.TRUE., or equal to FSOURCE if it is.FALSE.

A: Shall be a scalar of type INTEGER or REAL. P: Shall be a scalar of the same type and kind as A. It shall not be zero. As a GNU extension, arguments of different kinds are permitted.. 9.141 IBITS — Bit extraction Description: IBITS extracts a field of length LEN from I, starting from bit position POS and extending left for LEN bits. The result is right-justified and the remaining bits are zeroed. The value of POSLEN must be less than or equal to the value BIT_SIZEI. Standard: Fortran 90 and later, has overloads that are. A function has its return value, a subroutine must use its arguments. In Fortran 2008 AFAIK elemental procedures doesn't have to be pure, but it's hard to imagine a useful elemental.

9.51 BTEST — Bit test function Description: BTESTI,POS returns logical.TRUE. if the bit at POS in I is set. The counting of the bits starts at 0. Standard: Fortran 90 and later, has overloads that are GNU extensions Class: Elemental function Syntax: RESULT = BTESTI, POS Arguments. Fortran standard states in C1290, "The result variable of an elemental function shall be scalar, shall not have the POINTER or ALLOCATABLE attribute, and shall not have a type parameter that is defined by an expression that is not a constant expression.". 2.1 Standard Fortran 95 Generic Intrinsic Functions. The generic Fortran 95 intrinsic functions are grouped in this section by functionality as they appear in the Fortran 95 standard. The arguments shown are the names that can be used as argument keywords. I would like to know if the attribute ELEMENTAL for a function/ subroutine can negatively affect performance or not. I am going to code a lot of small functions, for things like Jacobi polynomial evalution, Gauss point generation, etc. etc., to be used in a "huge" code. I would like the functions to work for scalar as well. Fortran 95 kennt zwei Typen von Unterprogrammen: Funktionen function Subroutinen subroutine Darüber hinaus existiert in Fortran die Möglichkeit Unterprogramme und Daten mittels Modulen in das Programm einzubeziehen. Das function Unterprogramm. Eine Funktion ist ein Unterprogramm, das genau einen Wert zurück gibt.

エレメンタル関数Elemental function について述べる。 Elemental functionは、 スカラー値を引数にして、スカラー値を返却するスカラー演算子として定義されるが 配列も実際の引数のように扱うことができる関数のことをいう。 すなわち、以下のようないわゆる.

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