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gulp-rollup. This plugin allows gulp to populate a virtual filesystem and feed it to the Rollup ES6 module bundler. Note: This plugin is not appropriate for most use cases, as it requires every file expected to be imported by Rollup to be loaded into memory preemptively. 17/03/2018 · A npm package therefore deserves to be built. Rollup is ideal to do this job. And it is sufficient for a npm package written in JavaScript. Also, I invite the JavaScript developer to stop reading this article and go to the Rollup documentation. The case of a npm package written in TypeScript creates additional complexity. Rollup: How we use React.js and npm to share UI code at AdRoll. Written by Mars Jullian, November 12, 2015. This is the second in a series of three blog posts about Rollup, AdRoll’s UI component library. This post covers how we build individual components and the developer tools supporting them. Install the Rollup plugin as a dev dependency: npm i -D rollup-plugin-purgecss. Use the plugin in your Rollup config: import rollupfrom 'rollup'. · bundle · rollup.config.js · Rollup Rollup is a module bundler for JavaScript which compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application. rollup可以直接构建出符合es6模块规范的代码(有利于tree shaking),但是webpack不能;因此为了更好地使用es6模块化来实现tree shaking,以及优化包代码体积等原因,选用rollup来开发npm包; 二、使用rollup构建npm包. 以下内容引自rollup中文网: 为了确保你的 ES6. Rollup.js 之四:npm run build. 来源:rollup.js 官网. 很多 JavaScript 项目都遵循一个简单惯例:敲入 npm run build 后,就能构建项目。当多人合作时十分有用,因为人们不需要了解构建细节(不管是 Rollup,Webpack,Gulp 还是别的什么工具),就可以直接查看源代码。. rollup-plugin-node-resolve, 在汇总中使用 node.js 分辨率算法 以前为Rollup插件 npm 0 赞 0 评论. 文章标签:plugin Rollup USE for NPM form. JavaScriptのモジュール間の依存解決と言えば今までBrowserifyやWebpackがメジャーどころでしたが、それらに新しいお仲間が登場したようです。ES6をベースとしていて、Tree-shakingがウリというrollup.jsとは一体どんなものなのか、簡単に調べてまとめてみました。.

Rollup: シンプルでちょうどいい感じ; Appendix: プラグイン. RollupのWikiにプラグインが掲載されています。2016年1月時点のものを転載してみます。下記のほか、npmにはすでに30種類ほどが公開されているようです。 babel – バベる; coffee-script – CoffeeScriptを変換. Rollup can optimize ES modules for faster native loading in modern browsers, or output a legacy module format allowing ES module workflows today. Quick Start Guide. Install with npm install --global rollup. Rollup can be used either through a command line interface with an optional configuration file, or else through its JavaScript API.

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